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By 2026, Rea Is Intended To Connect 15,195 Houses

By 2026, the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) hopes to provide electricity to over 15,195 rural households.

When all projects are finished, according to REA Chief Executive Officer LINUS CHANDA, this will be achievable.

According to Mr. CHANDA, the authority has been given 743 million Kwacha in the budget for this year, which will allow for the execution of a number of projects.

He claims that 190.8 million Kwacha has also been set aside for off-grid initiatives utilizing renewable energy and the construction of 18 solar mini grids.

According to Mr. CHANDA, the authority would also carry out biogas and wind farm projects.

Today in Lusaka, Mr. CHANDA stated REA is working on packaging projects to reduce the high cost of electricity connections in rural areas during a media conference on the 2023 work plan & budget.

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