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ALMOST Smuggled Into DRC: 2,500 Bags of Mealie Meal

At the Kasumbalesa border, a team of law enforcement officers in Chililabombwe seized more than 2,500 bags of mealie meal intended for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This happened as a result of the Mealie Meal owner’s failure to present the Chililabombwe District Commissioner, PRECIOUS NJEKWA, with a valid export license before he fled.

Ms. NJEKWA announced that the government and security wings will step up their efforts to ensure that no mealie meal is smuggled into the DRC at the expense of Zambian customers while she was in the company of representatives from the Zambia Revenue Authority, Zambia National Service, and Police.

Moreover, LEVY SIMATIMBE, Assistant Commissioner of the Zambia Revenue Authority, stated that the system has not turned up any export documents for the shipment of mealie meal.

Investigations, according to Mr. SIMATIMBE, have been launched to determine how the mealie meal ended up at the border.

Three women were detained by police yesterday after they were discovered in Mufulira with 2,500 bags of mealie meal.

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