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Wildlife officers stationed in Lilayi area to confirm lion sighting reports

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife, or DNPW, has sent wildlife and veterinary officers to the Lilayi neighborhood of Lusaka to confirm allegations of a lion sighting there.

SAKABILO KALEMBWE, a public relations representative for the Ministry of Tourism, claims that allegations from the general public concerning the existence of a lion on the loose led to the deployment of cops.

According to Mr. KALEMBWE, inhabitants of Lilayi and the nearby areas should exercise vigilance by making sure they thoroughly check their surroundings, especially at night.

He continued by advising folks not to move at night and to make an effort to move in groups.

If they see the lion, Mr. KALEMBWE asked locals to call the Department of Wildlife right away at 0979474114 or 0977381665.

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