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Amapiano singer Zaba reveals how he escaped death after being stabbed during a hijacking

Amapiano singer, Zaba recounts how he escaped death after being stabbed during a hijacking. The double-platinum-selling artist says he struggled with the robbers and one of them got seriously injured while he survived with a stab in his hand.

“They tried bombarding me lonkunzi (mugging me), they stabbed but they didn’t take anything,” Zaba says.


“My hand is just injured a little bit but one of them is fighting for his life.”

Friends and fans empathized with him as he shared photos of his affected hand.


Saint Rucci: “I’m really sorry brother thank God that you are still alive. Godspeed.

In other news – Israel’s Ambassador To Zambia And Zimbabwe robbed on the streets of Lusaka

Israel’s ambassador to Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana was mugged on a street in Lusaka last week, with the robbers getting away with her diplomatic passport, her cellphone, and some cash that was in her bag.

Ambassador Ofra Farhi was crossing a street in Lusaka on Friday when she was mugged, according to Ynet, as cited by The Times of Israel. Learn More

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