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Armed thieves rob Mount Meru filling station of K150,000

Armed thieves rob the Mount Meru filling station in Mumbwa of around K150,000.

Six thieves who attacked five fuel attendants at the Mount Meru filling station in Mumbwa and stole more than K150,000 have been sought by police. They were armed with a rifle and metal bars.

After assaulting the gas station employees, the criminals then assaulted the guards with metal rods, kicked them, and used fists on them before leaving them bound in a guard room.

David Chileshe, the police commissioner for Central Province, verified the event and stated that authorities have now started looking for the six unidentified individuals.

Six unknown people armed with an unknown brown riffle and metal bars attacked five fuel attends at Mount Meru Filling Station and robbed them off the days sales amounting to K157,361.00. The attendants have been identified as Likando Namangolwa 27, Fosten Mwiinde 28, Patience Muzyamba 22, Aaron Phiri 24 and Bridget Kalilwa. The suspects tied the attendants who were in the office with ropes and took them to the changing room under guard,” he said.

According to him, the thieves then broke into the computer room where the safe was stored, used a grinder to cut the safe’s hinges, and fled with the money.

“Four of the victims sustained multiple injuries as they were hit using metal bars, kicks and fists. Investigations into the incident and a manhunt for the suspects have been instituted,” he said


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