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Arrest of Mr. Lee’s Employee for Contempt of Court

FRED Chulu, also known as Mr. Lee’s Employee, is currently in custody and regrets having gone to China last month instead of appearing in court for a case in which he is accused of using abusive remarks.

Chulu, 30, will now travel from a prison to attend court dates after having his police bond revoked last week on Friday.

In this case, the vlogger from Hellen Kaunda Township is accused of using insulting words three times.

It is alleged that on May 12 and May 13, 2022, the defendant appeared in three different Facebook videos that became viral on social media.

He was caught using derogatory language and acting in a way that would incite someone to disrupt the peace of the community or commit an offense against the person.

Following his arrest, Chulu was hauled to court where he failed to appear for roughly two months and had no surety to explain his absence.

Investigators told magistrate Mutinta Mwenya that the accused was last seen online in a clip in China, where he appeared to be having the time of his life, when she inquired about his whereabouts last month.

The accused was then issued an arrest warrant by the court. He frequently posts Facebook videos detailing his whereabouts and activities.

Chulu, who recently posted a Facebook video announcing his arrival from abroad, was taken to court last week on the basis of a bench warrant that had been returned.

The young man with braided hair responded, “I was in China,” when questioned why he hadn’t been showing up to court.

The young man’s bond was withdrawn and his custody was ordered by Magistrate Mwenya after she reprimanded him for defying the court.

The Chulu then requested bail, but that request was also rejected on the grounds that he poses a flight risk.

The case was postponed until this week.

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