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Ex-business partner not scared of Arthur Mafokate

South African star, Arthur Mafokate’s former business partner, Brian Mokoena, does not fear for his life.

He shared on social media that he allegedly received a threat after he admitted to spilling the beans on Mafokate, which led to him getting into trouble with the law.

He said regarding his first voice note ranting about how he reported Mafokate to the Hawks, his first intention was to keep quiet and not say anything.

But unfortunately, circumstances changed this.

Arthur Mafokate

“I have received quite a number of messages of support or requests for interviews from as far afield as the US.

“On the other hand, some people are concerned about my safety and that of my kids,” he said.

Mokoena said he has been advised to get guards and some people even offered him bodyguards and safe houses.

“Much as I appreciate these unsolicited offers, kindly note that I am not going to accept them. No bodyguards or hiding for me. My life carries on as normal for no one owns the power of death or life over me or my kids,” he said.

On Friday, 13 January, people were left shocked after the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) announced that they have been granted an order to freeze five properties linked to National Lotteries Commission (NLC) investigations.

One of the properties belonged to Mafokate.

This after Mafokate was fingered in fraudulent funding amounting to R53,3 million with other top officials in the NLC.

Arthur Mafokate

According to SIU, Mafokate benefited R9,5 million as director of an NGO named South African Art and Development Association (SAADA) and a portion of the money was used to buy his luxurious home in Midrand.

After the news broke, a voice recording of Mokoena was released on social media.

Mokoena can be heard ranting about Mafokate and his alleged illegal dealings.

“I know anything that needs to be known about Arthur and how he operates and how a number of people were destroyed by him. A couple of years back when I couldn’t take it anymore, when I decided to resign, I got a call from him, and he was crying regarding an issue involving CiCi.

“I stayed on and after two months I finally left 999 Music. Arthur kept on following me trying to destroy me. He even went to the extent of taking the telephone number of my ex-wife giving it to some of my enemies in this industry to try to concoct stories against me.”

He alleged there were a number of people who knew about the R9,5 million issue.

“I don’t want to talk about the case of the gun, which he opened and some contracts he got in the Free State. I have been waiting for this day as I eventually went to the Hawks to lay a complaint.

“Today the labour to expose the biggest thief within the arts sector in South Africa did bear fruit. Mafokate, you have been chowing the nation’s money, but today it stops here,” he concluded.

When the publication called Mokoena, he admitted it was him on the recording.

Mokoena said Mafokate is not a good person.

He alleged he always takes more percentage, be it on a song or beats.

“I told him he can try with other people but with me he can’t. I am from Daveyton and he is a small boy,” he said.

He said back then everything was great until he left Mafokate’s record label.

“He started creating stories around my name and wanted to tarnish my name,” he said.

Mokoena said this time around he won’t survive anything.

“I have got files on him for days. He must just go to jail and dance there,” he said.

When the People’s Paper contacted the Mnike hitmaker, his phone rang unanswered several times and he also did not respond to the text messages.


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