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As Saboi becomes lightheaded, Hamasaka testifies

President of the National Democratic Congress Saboi Imboela informed the court that she was feeling lightheaded shortly after State House Chief Communications Specialist Clayson Hamasaka gave a defamatory testimony against her.

Ms. Imboela then requested an adjournment of the case through her attorney so that she might seek medical attention.

The defamation lawsuit against Ms. Imboela was subsequently postponed to the following week by Lusaka Magistrate Sylvia Munyinya after she had granted the application.

Imboela smiled as she greeted Mr. Hamasaka and his wife as she exited the courthouse and then chatted with her supporters as she walked down the corridor.

Early in the trial, Mr. Hamasaka claimed that in September of last year, while on duty in the Copperbelt, he received calls, screenshots, and text messages.

He was alerted that there was a post about him on the Saboi-SI Facebook page after he answered a few phone calls.

Mr. Hamasaka claimed that when he saw the messages, they were detailed and included his uncle and nephew, Clayson Hamasaka and Brian Mwiinga, who both work at the State House.

He claimed that the story implied that his marriage was in trouble and that he took advantage of UPND job seekers by sleeping with them and using Chinese to build his farm.

The posts, according to Mr. Hamasaka, startled him greatly because they contained nothing but outright lies.

“Posts such as ‘As i am currently talking his marriage is on the he rocks because of prostitution, ” Mr Hamasaka said.

He said he prayed to God that “i do not make an emotional decision” because the posts lowered his integrity, reputation, and profession in the media which he built for over 25 years.

“They(words) were very hateful. To make matters worse, because of my current position in public office,” Mr Hamasaka said.

“I have got a family with children who have access to these gadgets who were able to read these malicious posts which are still on the page and people are still commenting”.

The journalist said that the insulting remarks made him feel beneath giving advice to those around him.

Mr. Hamasaka protested that the posts on the Saboi Imboela SI page had damaged the reputation and career he had worked so hard to build.

“I need to seek recourse so that my mind, my family can be at peace, if what was alleged can be proved. That is all am seeking,” Mr Hamasaka said.

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