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Authorities issue Warning to Public about disseminating fictitious child abduction reports

Following a recent false alarm, The police have cautioned the public against spreading fictitious kid abduction allegations on social media.

In a report received by police on Thursday, it was claimed that a student from Chalala’s Hillview Park Primary School was kidnapped around noon while en route to class.

The Deputy School Head Teacher filed the report after two students told the school administration that their classmate had been kidnapped by someone in a Toyota Voxy.

“Acting on the information, Police officers visited the school and engaged the two pupils in the presence of the school management. The parents of the alleged victim were not known and there was no report to Police from a parent or guardian about a missing child as on March 30, 2023,” Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said.

According to Mr. Mwale, on Friday, police officers followed up by getting in touch with the deputy head teacher at Hillview Park Primary School, who confirmed that all of the students from the lower grades were present at school on Thursday, with the exception of the two who claimed their friend had been abducted.

“Later, the parents of the two pupils (who made a report) were contacted, and they confirmed that the children were at their respective homes. Police officers from our Child Protection Unit have since visited the two children with a view of counseling them while in the presence of their parents,” he said.

Two recent incidences of kidnapping that ended in murder were reported in Lusaka. The victims in the two cases were all proven by the police to be well-known to the suspects, who were later apprehended and are currently being held in police custody.

“We appeal to members of the public to be calm. We are moving into those circulating false information on social media platforms about reports of children being abducted in some parts of Lusaka,” Mr Mwale said

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