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Baby abandoned at entrance of White Father’s Parish in Kasama

In the Kasama neighborhood of Lualuo, a Kid of unknown age has been abandoned at the White Fathers Parish door.

Two Parish employees heard the infant whimpering and later discovered her in a 10 liter bucket.

Ireen Musonda and Getrude Lemba reported to work yesterday at around 7:30 a.m., and while they were on duty, they heard a baby whimpering, according to Northern Province Commanding Officer Gloria Mulele.

According to Ms. Mulele, the two women hurried beyond the fence where they were surprised to discover a baby in a bucket.

“Two general workers at White Fathers Parish were on duty and around 09:30 hours when they heard a baby crying,they went close to the gate and found a baby girl inside a bucket. Later Clinerius Chipali 53 of White Fathers Parish reported to the police that an unknown person dumped and abandoned a baby who was put in a bucket at the parish gate,”said Ms Mulele.

She said police officers rushed to the scene and took the baby to Kasama General Hospital for possible identification.

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