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K100,000 stolen by Lusaka thieves from parked car in Northmead

The most recent incident of criminals taunting the defenseless in Lusaka was the theft of K100,000 from a car parked at a certain school in the Northmead neighborhood.

It is assumed that the victim, who has only been known as Vincent, transported the aforementioned money with him to town to place additional orders at his shop in Ngombe Township.

Nevertheless, he was unable to place orders in the town because the products he needed were not available; as a result, he traveled to Northmead to pick up his child from school.

The robbers, who are thought to have been in a blue Toyota Allion, pounced on his car as soon as he locked it and entered the school grounds, making off with the money.

Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale confirmed the incident and said it happened yesterday at 12:30 p.m.

“The victim left his shop in Ngombe compound and carried with him K100,000 to go and make some orders in town. When he got into town he could not make orders because the goods he wanted were not available in the shops.So he decided to go to school in Northmead to pick up his child. He reached the school and parked his motor vehicle in the carpark and went inside to pick his child. When he returned to the car park, he noticed a blue Toyota Allion with two occupants in it.”

“He quickly ran towards his vehicle and when he opened the door he discovered that money was missing and while this was happening the blue Toyota Allion sped off,” he said.

Mr Mwale stated that the criminals tampered with the driver’s door by damaging the locking system.

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