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Baby Cele opens up about getting divorced

Mzansi actress Baby Cele has been in the limelight for two decades and she continues to steal the hearts of many people with her acting prowess and her larger-than-life personality.

Miss Cele has dropped a bombshell that she is divorced. The Uzalo actress who plays Gabisile on the popular SABC1 show, revealed that she is going through the healing process of her divorce privately.

“I have mastered divorce, honestly, it doesn’t hurt anymore because I just believe that if a marriage no longer works it should end.”

Baby Cele

Baby Cele recently had an interview on Engineer Your Life podcast where she explained that her marriage to Thabo Maleka, whom she met through the sister of Thembi Mtshali in the mid-2000s has crumbled into pieces. “As a sangoma, my ancestors gave me all the signs that it was time to end the marriage, I was really happy but the signs were too loud and I had to make the decision. Right now I am single and mingling and I am happy.” Baby Cele also spoke about how it is high time middle-aged married people accept that as humans we are polygamous in nature and that having one partner doesn’t work for us.

In the same podcast episode, she also spoke about her spiritual journey and how she has to constantly take breaks from her spiritual work as a sangoma/healer because sometimes people come to her not because they genuinely want help but because they want to see Gabisile from Uzalo.

She also spoke about her journey in acting, and what has kept her consistent and never without a job. “You have to honour your contract, negotiate well and respect your job. Other actors are out of work all the time and complain about the industry because they get to set and become complacent. Some people don’t know their lines, some people think because they have 1 million followers that the show depends on them or they are bigger than the show. The industry doesn’t work like that,” Cele explained.

Baby Cele

The actress opened up about the lowest point in her life when she was told that Backstage would be coming to an end. She starred role as Katlego Rathebe on the show for 8 years. Baby revealed that she had no money safe, had a credit card, and had just bought a new car and house.

“It was sometime during the week we received emails that there is a meeting at lunchtime, all the top bosses were there but we did not know the agenda of the meeting. We went on set where the meeting was taking place. When they informed us that Backstage would be canned after 8 years on air. I always used to hear people saying they saw the world rotating I also felt that, the first on my mind was that I had just bought a house, my child was in boarding school, I was not married, I just changed my car.

The actress revealed that she was pressured by her then-boyfriend to get a new whip. “Why did I change my car because I had just paid off my drop-top,” she said.


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