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Bank of Zambia begins evaluating claims for DHI depositors

For the goal of compensating impacted depositors, the Bank of Zambia has begun the process of combining and validating claims made by DHI depositors.

The portion of the payment that each depositor will receive will depend on the recoveries of both tangible cash and sales proceeds from DHI properties.

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and DHI are working together on this exercise as a result of the DEC’s successful prosecution of DHI, which led to the confiscation of assets thought to be the proceeds of crime.

The Court ordered BoZ to oversee the refunds to the affected depositors in its ruling.

According to a statement the Drug Enforcement Commission and the Bank of Zambia released to ZNBC News, this is the case.

The Bank of Zambia has warned the general people against taking part in unlawful money-transfer schemes like ponzi and pyramid scams.

Since then, the Bank has recommended the public to put their money in authorized companies that are governed by the Pensions and Insurance Authority, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the BoZ.

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