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Biomeds Is Ordered To Start Producing Vaccines

SYLVIA MASEBO, the country’s minister of health, has urged biomedical scientists and technologists to collaborate with other parties to develop and produce vaccines locally.

Pharmaceutical companies, engineers, and doctors are a few more parties mentioned by Ms. MASEBO.

This is from a statement made in her honor in Livingstone by Dr. Alex Makupe, director of clinical care and diagnostics for the Ministry of Health, at the formal opening of the Biomedical Society of Zambia’s annual scientific symposium and general conference.

MUTALE MUBANGA, president of the Biomedical Society of Zambia, has also urged intentional investment in the sector’s infrastructure development.

Dr. SODY MUNSAKA, the chair of the scientific committee, has urged scientists to take advantage of the New Dawn Administration’s committed support for indigenous solutions.

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