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PICS: Here’s a look at Lorna Maseko’s birthday celebration in Dubai

Popular Mzansi celebrity chef, Lorna Maseko celebrated her birthday at the Tori Tori restaurant near Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai, with close friends on 11 July.

Beloved media personality Lorna Maseko, recently embarked on a lavish birthday getaway to Dubai. She was in the company of her closest friends. The talented star spared no expense in celebrating another year of life. She made sure to document the memorable moments for her adoring fans.

Lorna Maseko

The festivities kicked off at the exclusive Tori Tori restaurant, located near the opulent Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. Lorna and her entourage enjoyed the flavours of Japanese cuisine. They were surrounded by an atmosphere of luxury. Sharing a glimpse into the enchanted evening, she blessed her social media timeline with captivating images. They showcased her radiant smile and joyous attitude.

Lorna Maseko

Expressing her overwhelming gratitude for the magical experience, Lorna Maseko took a moment to extend her appreciation on social media. It was evident that their presence added an extra layer of warmth and love to the occasion, making it all the more extraordinary. She penned her emotions, exclaiming, “My birthday in Dubai was beyond magical. My heart is so grateful. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Lorna Maseko

The chef loved her birthday celebrations.

Lorna Maseko

Throughout her stay, Lorna Maseko made it a point to explore popular destinations in Dubai. She ensured that every moment was filled with adventure and delight. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, she revelled in the vibrant energy that the city exuded, creating memories that would undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Lorna Maseko

My birthday in Dubai was beyond magical, my heart is so grateful- I couldn’t have asked for more.

As Lorna bids farewell to Dubai, her heart brimming with gratitude and joy, she eagerly anticipated her promising future. With her unwavering determination and unwavering support system, there is no doubt that this new chapter in her life will be filled with even greater success and happiness.


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