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Block Chain Technology Backed By Smart Zambia

Block Chain Technology should be used, according to PERCY CHINYAMA, National Coordinator for Smart Zambia, because it has the ability to reduce corporate costs and improve information and financial management.

A cutting-edge database system called block chain technology enables transparent information sharing inside a company network.

According to Mr. Chinyama, the technology can be used to improve the delivery of public services by offering a secure record of transactions, as well as to promote transparency and decrease corruption in government procurement procedures.

In a speech delivered in his place in Lusaka, Smart Zambia Director of Standards & Compliance KASALI MUSENGE said this.

This occurred at the beginning of a two-day session for the block chain training program held by United Africa Block Chain Association and Smart Zambia.

Block chain has achieved widespread popularity, and Mr. Chinyama emphasized how crucial it is for everyone working in Zambia’s governmental and business sectors to comprehend and utilize it.

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