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Bores Are Drawn By The Kawambwa Council

Ten boreholes will be drilled and outfitted in various Chiefdoms throughout the area thanks to a collaboration between the Kawambwa Town Council and the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation, and Environmental Protection.

This project will benefit the villages of Chibwe, Kote, and Lumpa among other places.

Additionally, KALUMBA CHIFUMBE, the chairperson of the Kawambwa Town Council, praised the government for providing the district with the boreholes.

According to Mr. CHIFUMBE, the district has experienced water problems, and the gesture is a start in the right direction in resolving the issue.

He continues by saying that the district is making every effort to prevent outbreaks of water-borne illnesses, which can only be done by providing safe, clean drinking water.

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