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Former Drug Addict Advises Kids Against Drug Use

A former drug user has counseled young people to avoid using drugs in favor of keeping an eye out for the government’s numerous empowerment initiatives.

Drugs are bad for young people, according to MARIAN AKUFFO, the national coordinator for Tithandizane Comfort Home in Lusaka.

According to Ms. AKUFFO, she is promoting anti-drug awareness because of the experience she had while arrested for drug possession.

When her organization and the Mika Group of Companies gave various food items to the Lusaka Central Correctional Facility yesterday, she was speaking to ZNBC News at the time.

And according to Ms. AKUFFO, her group is fighting for the welfare of inmates who are pregnant and have children in prisons and jails.

The relationship with Tithandizane Comfort Home, according to BRIDGET SIKANA, general manager of the Mika Group of Companies, is intended to support government efforts to address specific issues in correctional facilities.

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