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Bulldozer arrested

Bulldozer arrested for being in possession of a house suspected to be proceedS of crime

Bowman Lusambo, a former Patriotic Front (PF) Kabushi lawmaker, has been detained and accused of having a single-story, four-bedroom home in his hands that is likely to contain the profits of crime.

Mr. Lusambo, a devoted PF supporter, has been accused of the aforementioned crime along with an unidentified third party.

According to Timothy Moono, head of corporate communications for the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), Mr. Lusambo has subsequently been freed on a police bond and will shortly appear in court.

“Mr Bowman Lusambo of Lusaka’s Chamba Valley area has been charged with one count of being in possession of a property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to section 71 sub section (1) of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act Number 19 of 2010.

Details are that on unknown dates ,but between May 1st, 2015 and December 31st, 2021 Bowman Lusambo jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown did possess property number F/609/E/44/B/9 comprising of a single story four-bedroom house and a guest wing located in Chamba Valley, property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime,” he said.

Sineva Kabenja, the director of the National School of Government, and Fides Muntengwa, the head of the Finance Public Service Management Division (PSMD), have both been detained by the Commission and jointly accused with corruption involving K20,000.

He said that Fides Kalangwa Muntegwa, 54, of plot number 26663 in Lilayi, Lusaka, and Mr. Kabenja, 48, of the Chalala region, had been jointly charged with one count of willful failure to follow appropriate procurement procedures or guidelines.

“Details are that in October 2021 in Mongu,Kabenja and Mutengwa being Public Officers namely Assistant Secretary and Principal Accountant at Western Provincial Administration, willfully failed to comply with applicable procedures or guidelines relating to the incurring of public expenditure, when they signed a payment of K20,000.00 an open Cheque Number 002907 to a named Hardware in Mongu for building materials which were not supplied The duo have since been released on bond and will appear before court soon,” he said.

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