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Buried Alive: Illegal Miner

While rummaging for minerals in a Pit, a slug dump collapsed on a 29-year-old illegal miner, killing him.

RAPHAEL MWANSA of Kitwe’s Kandabwe Compound has been named as the victim by Copperbelt Police Commissioner PEACEWELL MWEEMBA.

According to Mr. MWEEMBA, the incident took place at the Wusakile Township slug dump at the Konkola Copper Mine (KCM).

He said in a statement to ZNBC News that MWANSA and his companion, 29-year-old GIFT MUSONDA, entered the KCM dump site unlawfully but that as they dug for minerals inside, the walls of the pit curled in.

He claimed that MUSONDA was able to flee and informed mine officials of the occurrence.

Since then, the deceased’s body has been found.

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