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CDF Benefits 52 Itezhi-tezhi Cooperatives

In the district, several companies have been established by 52 cooperatives that were given 1.9 million Kwacha as part of the Itezhi-Tezhi Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

Itezhi-Tezhi The women’s and youth’s cooperatives that were empowered this year, according to MP TWAAMBO MUTINTA, have started enterprises and are creating a variety of goods for sale.

In an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka, Mr. Mutinta stated that the empowerment had given hundreds of young people and women the chance to start their own businesses in a variety of sectors, including carpentry, tailoring, poultry, retail, and wholesale.

He claimed that the prompt delivery of the monies had aided numerous locals in opening new enterprises.


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