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CEEC Seeking Market Traders

The Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) has launched a nationwide awareness campaign urging more entrepreneurs to apply for loans for economic empowerment.

The Commission is worried that some residents are unaware of empowerment loans like the Marketeers Booster Loans, according to CEEC Public Relations Officer MICHELO MUKATA.

Additionally, Mr. MUKATA revealed that some beneficiaries lack sufficient knowledge of how to repay the loans.

Speaking to ZNBC News on the sidelines of an awareness campaign at the Chilenje Community Hall in Lusaka, Mr. MUKATA explained that this year’s efforts are being made in order to reach more beneficiaries.

Additionally, he urged those who had received Marketeers Booster Loans to make on-time payments so that others might also receive Empowerment Fund benefits.

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