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Chalimbana University Construction Works To Resume

The CHALIMBANA University’s halted construction projects in the Chongwe district will soon resume, according to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

Following the resolution of contractual responsibilities, a new contractor will start working on the project, according to President HICHILEMA.

At the seventh graduation ceremony for 30 chiefs who had been enrolled in resource management courses, President HICHILEMA made this statement in a speech that was delivered by Education Minister DOUGLAS SYAKALIMA.

Considering the detrimental consequences of climate change on the energy industry, he has vowed to diversify the nation’s energy requirements.

It is now, according to President HICHILEMA, time for Zambia to diversify its energy industry in favor of renewable energy, energy-saving gadgets, and environmentally friendly technologies.

At the same time, GARY NKOMBO, the minister of local government and rural development, asked Chiefs to teach their headmen and subjects the best ways to manage the resources in their chiefdoms.

In order to create jobs for themselves and other young people, Mr. Nkombo also urged the recent graduates to investigate the Constituency Development Fund’s (CDF) business component.

Additionally, Chieftainess NKOMESHYA MUKAMAMBO the second has volunteered to provide CHALIMBANA University with additional territory for the institution’s continued growth.

Chieftainess NKOMESHYA declared that since education is essential for a country’s prosperity, she has chosen to donate more land to the institution.

And vice chancellor of CHALIMBANA University, WILLIAM PHIRI, encouraged institutes of higher learning not to misuse the current state of academic freedom.

Additionally, PATRICIA MALASHA, a gender and social inclusion advisor for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), expressed her optimism that local chiefs will make wise use of the natural resources in their jurisdictions.

Chieftainess NKOMESHYA and former Foreign Affairs Minister VERNON MWAANGA received honorary doctorates at the graduation ceremony.

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