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Charges against Deputy Permanent Secretary of Luapula and two District Commissioners

Charged with conveying material reasonably suspected to be stolen are the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Province of LUAPULA and two District Commissioners who were detained as part of a plan to transport the stolen mineral Sugilite.

The indictment also includes engaging in illegal mining operations without a license.

Deputy Permanent Secretary Roy Mwansa, Nchelenge District Commissioner Musonda Mutepuka, and Molton Sikazwe Mwanabombwe District Commissioner were were detained yesterday in connection with the same.

According to Danny Mwale, a deputy police spokesperson for Zambia, the suspects have been released on police bond pending their court appearance.

“The Deputy Permanent Secretary for Luapula Province Roy Mwansa and two District Commissioners for Nchelenge and Mwansabombwe have been charged and arrested for the offence of Conveying property reasonably suspected to be stolen and carrying out mining operations without a license,” he said.

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