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Govt changes name “Comprehensive S-Education” to “Life Skills & Health Education Framework”

Claims that Comprehensive S-Education (CSE), which was incorporated into the curriculum for students, encourages sodomy have been refuted by the government.

According to Minister of Education Douglas Syakalima, the book will aid the nation in addressing the problem of early teen pregnancy.

However, he claimed that the book’s original title, CSE, had been altered to Life Skills and Health Education Framework as a result of complaints.

Mr. Syakalima stated in a cabinet speech on critical issues of public interest that the content spreading on social media truly began in Tanzania.

Concerns and suggestions have been given by different stakeholders as to the content of the book. After review was made of the same, teachers and traditional leaders felt that CSE book should have the name changed of which it has been changed to Life Skills and Health Education. Stakeholders in reviewing the book also did not find any content promoting sodomy. Coming to the posting on social media, it is meant to tarnish the strides and progress made by Government and stakeholders in combating teen pregnancies.

The post was first circulated in 2021 and has been forwarded many times. It originates from Tanzania. The book circulating is not Zambian. The cover is correct, but the page is not and has been photoshopped,” he said.

Provided Katuta, a member of parliament from the Chiyengi district, charged the Minister with lying about the book’s purported lack of support for sodomy in her inquiry.

Lumezi region In his question and response, Member of Parliament Munir Zulu suggested that the book be withdrawn and that resources be diverted to other pressing issues.

CSE starts from grade five to 12? Intimacy is not the biggest problem the country is faced with. Withdraw the book and take resources to places that really need them,” he said.

Mr. Zulu and Ms. Katuta were addressed by the minister, who reaffirmed that the book did not advocate sodomy.

The book should not be withdrawn, according to Sunday Chanda, a member of parliament for the Kanchibiya district, because it emphasizes the value of maintaining oneself.

“We will be bad parents if we subject our children to learn it the hard way. The book circulating is not even Zambian and is on Amazon, ” he said.

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