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Ndola man, 45, Released from hospital after over 3 years

It has been said that in order to witness God’s marvels, humanity must always live by faith and not by sight.

A 45-year-old man from the Mushili district of Ndola who had been hospitalized for three years because to the dangerous COVID-19 has now been released.

Lewis Chipulu was confined to a hospital in 2020 after developing a dependence on an oxygen concentrator as a result of COVID-19’s effects.


Mr. Chipulu, a victim of COVID-19, which devastated the majority of the nation as well as the rest of the world and claimed millions of lives, has been granted another chance to live outside of a hospital today.

In order to help him breathe, Ndola Teaching Hospital (NTH) has since given him an oxygen concentrator and cylinders.

Since the hospital has promised to make sure that his oxygen will be replaced whenever the cylinder runs out, Mr. Chipulu has been reunited with his family and will be able to live a nearly normal life.

The hospital staff’s kindness was much appreciated by Mr. Chipulu, who also thanked God for making it possible for him to be released from the facility.

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