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Chief Mukuni begs for better access to medical care

There is a need, according to Chief MUKUNI of the Kazungula district, to increase access to healthcare in rural communities.

According to Chief MUKUNI, one of the chiefdoms still having difficulty getting people to medical facilities is his own because of the distances involved.

He notes that at the moment, people who require urgent medical care are transported by private vehicles on behalf of the chiefdom.

According to Chief MUKUNI, the issue gets worse during the rainy season since patients cannot be brought to the medical center because some routes become inaccessible.

When Zambia Flying Doctors Service-ZFDS Chief Executive Officer GEORGE NG’UNI paid the chief a courtesy visit, he was speaking at his palace.

And according to Dr. NG’UNI, the government has made providing health care a priority and has ordered Zambia Flying Doctor Service to transport medical personnel to remote locations.

He claimed that in order for the organization to effectively reach as many people in rural areas as possible, the government has boosted funds for it.

Dr. NG’UNI has stated that the organization still requires additional equipment, particularly a helicopter, which he claims will make it easier for the team to travel to all areas of the nation.

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