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Chief Nsefu Requests Food For Relief

The government has been urged by Senior Chief NSEFU of the Kunda people to assist in addressing the projected famine in Mambwe and the neighboring Districts.

According to Senior Chief NSEFU, some areas of Mambwe are likely to go hungry as a result of the area’s recent severe rainfall since agriculture fields have been flooded.

He claims that the rains have had an impact on many households and caused some people to be displaced.

When President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA paid a courtesy visit to certain Chiefs in Mambwe, the traditional leader made this statement.

The Chipata-Mfuwe road and other roads leading to their chiefdoms were also urged to be improved by the government.

The government is aware of the difficulties the impacted households are experiencing as a result of the flooding that has occurred in Mambwe and the other districts, according to President HICHILEMA.

In spite of the effects of floods, according to President HICHILEMA, the government will continue to develop methods to protect people and property.

He said that the disease burden is likely to occur in conjunction with floods and that the government is striving to handle the cholera outbreak.

The Head of State has also encouraged the Provincial government to inform and counsel residents on where to build their homes to avoid flooding.

Chief JUMBE, Chief KAKUMBI, Chief MKHANYA, and Chief MALAMA are among the chiefs who met the president.

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