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Chief Requests That Technology Empower Rural Women

Chief CHIBALE, chair of the Central Province Council of Chiefs, says the government should discover methods to empower rural women through creativity and technology.

Chief Chibale claims that since they lack access to technology, women in rural regions have fallen behind.

When he and other traditional leaders met vice president MUTALE NALUMANGO in Kabwe before to the Women’s Day celebrations, the traditional leader made this statement.

Also, Chief CHAMUKA has encouraged the government to take into account establishing ICT laboratories in chiefdoms so that women and kids can use the facilities.

In order to help women access education and larger markets for their goods, he also urged the government to expand internet connectivity in rural areas.

In the meantime, Chief MULENDEMA emphasized the significance of exposing women to ICT and urged the government to speed up rural electrification.

Also, Ms. NALUMANGO stated that the government will keep looking for measures to empower women so they could successfully take part in national affairs.

Mrs. NALUMANGO applauded the traditional chiefs for taking the initiative to promote women’s and girls’ empowerment in rural communities.

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