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Children at The Development Center-Mwamba

According to DOREEN MWAMBA, minister of community development and social services, government has prioritized issues impacting children by putting them at the center of development.

According to Ms. MWAMBA, this is the reason the government passed the Children’s Code Act into law in order to integrate it with other laws, particularly those at the regional and international levels.


The Lusaka High Court Criminal Session’s ceremonial opening, with the subject “Enhance access to justice for children,” was presided over by the Minister as she spoke.

The Judiciary is examining the Children Code Act’s provisions, according to Chief Justice MUMBA MALILA, to uncover any interpretational or other difficulties.

Dr. MALILA claimed that the Act has brought about a variety of novel measures and obligations among Child rights guardians, and that the topic refers to a fundamentally altered child justice landscape.

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