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Irk Kampyongo, Slow Construction on Nkulungwe-Ilondola Road

SHIWANG’ANDU The Nkulungwe-Ilondola road contractor has been urged to move construction along the stretch more quickly by Member of Parliament STEPHEN KAMPYONGO.

According to Mr. KAMPYONGO, the section that is impenetrable to cars is essential for the region’s economic development.

During his visit to the Nkulungwe-Ilondola road building site in Shiwang’andu District, Mr. KAMPYONGO asked the contractor to repair the stretch’s patches as soon as possible to allow for the movement of goods and services.


After pushing so hard for the road project, the lawmaker said he is pleased to see that construction has started.

Mr. KAMPYONGO added that he would communicate with locals whose buildings would be demolished to urge them to cooperate with the contractor and assure them of payment.

According to PETER CHIBALE, site manager at M and N Industrial Merchants, the company received an advance payment of more than 5 million kwacha to begin work on the road. He added that the progress of the work is currently at 5%.

The worth of the different road projects in the area, according to Mr. CHIBALE, is over a hundred and forty-three million kwacha.

In five years, the World Bank-funded project is anticipated to be completed.

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