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Chilufya Tayali to run for Lusaka Mayor

A by-election will be held to elect a new Mayor of the capital city following the death of Wilson Kalumba. Mr.Tayali said time has come for him to offer his leadership to the people of Lusaka.

Outspoken EPP President Chilufya Tayali has announced that he will run for the vacant post of Lusaka Mayor. He said he will use the position of Mayor if he gets elected to get the necessary experience we will need if he becomes Republican President.

Chilufya Tayali

“The immediate question comes on my Presidential ambitions, I want to inform you that, this position will just be an opportunity for me to learn something more on leadership, while I showcase my zeal to serve. It is always good to learn something, test power in a lower position so that you are not confused when you are in the big seat,” Mr. Tayali said.

He said out of this position of Lusaka Mayor, Zambians will tell, if I can be a man to be entrusted with a bigger responsibility of President in 2021. “In other words, I will stand as President in 2021. But we will all have something to refer to for the decision in 2021,” he said.

“I am aware that, Mayorship, is a lower position comparing to Presidency, however, it is not about the position but service. We should not be egocentric and proud to look at positions as if they are the end in themselves. As far as I am concerned, I am ready to assume any position as long as I have an opportunity to serve even one person.”

He continued, “Wondering if I will still offer checks and balances? Trust me, I will even be more venomous because I will be speaking from a seat of power mandated by the people through the votes.”

Mr. Tayali said Mayorship is not a Presidential appointment for him to be a bootlicker to President Edgar Lungu. He said he will soon hold a press conference soon to outline his Lusaka manifesto specifically for the development of the city of Lusaka.

“Basically, I will follow “ADEDE” formula (Accountability, Discipline, Efficiency, Development, and Equity) so put Lusaka in order and make it shine as a capital city,” he said. Mr. Tayali said he is not a rich man and will rely on well-wishers to fund his campaign.

“I am not a rich man like those building mansions all over, yet the people they are supposed to serve are having their homes demolished, calling them illegal squatters when it is their cadres who sold land. Therefore, I need everyone’s support, including those of you in the diaspora,” he said.

“I have designed some T-shirts, Chitenges, and posters, I would like to get some people offering to have them printed. Give a little contribution for us to do this campaign and succeed, because, this is not mine, alone, we have to do it together.”

Source: Lusaka Times

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