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China’s top diplomat Wang Yi arrives in South Africa ahead of BRICS Summit

China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, has embarked on a crucial African tour, with South Africa as one of his key destinations. His itinerary includes trips in Nigeria and Kenya, but he will be in Johannesburg on Monday and Tuesday for the 13th BRICS high-level summit on security issues.

The meeting holds great significance as it forms part of the preparations for the upcoming BRICS Heads of State and Government summit, scheduled to take place in Johannesburg next month.

During his visit, Wang Yi is expected to engage in high-level talks with South African authorities as well as representatives from the other BRICS countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa.

The BRICS group of nations is known for its focus on promoting economic cooperation, political dialogue, and sustainable development. The forthcoming BRICS summit is anticipated to be a crucial platform for addressing pressing global issues, fostering mutual understanding, and strengthening partnerships among member nations.

In addition to the BRICS meeting, South Africa is preparing to receive President Xi Jinping of China, who will also embark on a state visit during this period. President Xi’s visit to South Africa underscores the strong and flourishing diplomatic ties between the two nations.

China and South Africa have enjoyed robust bilateral relations, characterised by strategic cooperation in various areas, including trade, investment, infrastructure development, and people-to-people exchanges.

The BRICS summit, along with President Xi’s state visit to South Africa, is poised to elevate the strategic partnership between China and the host nation to new heights, opening doors for further collaboration and shared prosperity.

Source: eNCA

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