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Mome Mahlangu breaks her silence

Mome Mahlangu has indirectly responded after her estranged husband Mongezi “Tol Ass Mo” Mahlangu announced that they are in the process of filing for divorce. Taking to her Instagram, Mome posted a picture of her meal – whilst by the fireplace at their farm – with the caption: “A re jeng …. Batho ba bueweng  retlare  ha monate then Tuuu.

Mome Mahlangu

Which is translated: “Let’s eat… let the people talk. We’ll sleep so nicely then silence.
In another post, she wrote: “One thing about me, I will always move with love, integrity, and pure intentions. Mome has been topping the trends list since Tol Ass Mo’s interview with broadcaster DJ Fresh, on his YouTube podcast show WAW What A Week, on Friday, 21 July.

Mome Mahlangu

During the interview, the comedian said that his marriage of 11 years is over. Currently, right now, Mome and I are seperated,” he began.

“I mean, people grow. We grew apart. We went through so many different struggles in our relationship. I was there for her as much as she was there for me,” he said.
Tol Ass Mo explained that they have tried everything they possibly can to save their marriage, but nothing worked. He added that he is the one who called off the marriage.

“It’s me that’s walking away, Fresh… I am f**ken traumatised. I am traumatised by black women. I’m traumatised to a point that I don’t want to have a black wife again,” he said.

The sangoma, however, explained that his estranged wife is not part of his trauma. I even said that in my interview that when I was making love to my wife I’d get flashbacks of this woman [Lerato Moloi’s] face in my mind,” he said.

According to Tol Ass Mo, Mome is not happy that he called things off, adding that they have not explained anything to their children.

News of their seperation comes 11 months after Tol Ass Mo was acquitted of raping actress and model Lerato Moloi.

In 2018, Lerato accused the media personality of raping her when they were working on a television production in Paarl, Western Cape. A statement released by Lerato in 2020 revealed that the incident took place in 2014.

Throughout the rape case, Mome stood by her husband. Breaking her silence in 2020, she labelling Twitter a “kangaroo court”, saying she will wait for the court of law to find him guilty first.

However, many women on social media have expressed that despite the court’s verdict they still believe Lerato. Others have critisized Mome for standing by her husband, labelling her a “rape apologist.

Source:  News365

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