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Is Sizwe Dhlomo, Anele Mdoda’s baby daddy?

Social media is known to have a dark sense of humour and also has zero qualms when it comes to upsetting just about anyone with the things they post online. This time, one popular Twitter user, Chris Excel, decided to share his suspicions about Anele Mdoda’s son Alakhe being her close friend Sizwe Dhlomo’s child.

His post left social media users laughing out loud as they discussed the possibility. While not many were convinced, others discussed the child’s resemblance to Sizwe.

Anele Mdoda

People will really say anything on social media. While there are sometimes severe consequences for some online posts, most go unnoticed.

One post has however received thousands of reactions.

Sizwe Dhlomo

The post was made by famous Twitter troll Chris Excel who slyly implied that media personality Sizwe Dhlomo could be his close friend Anele Mdoda’s “baby daddy”.

Taking to Twitter, Chris shared a photo of Sizwe and Anele’s son side by side. To add a little bit of cheek, he used a thinking face emoji to caption the post.


While Chris decided against making any outright claims, many social media users already knew what he was implying.

Heading to the comment section, they shared their thoughts:

“Chris, you could be on to something,” one person shared.

Another person commented:

“The resemblance is so uncanny”

“Kutheni kwakho iresemblance engaka, eyes, wena mpumlo nawe indlebe zabantu mcephe ucandiwe wena ke Chris nje ngomphandi ophume izandla sixelele (Why is there such a resemblance, eyes, your nose and the ears of people, you must have been divided, but you, Chris, are an excellent researcher, tell u,” a third person added.


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