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Chinese Business Chamber Requests Tax Education

Because some Chinese businesses have received fines for failing to pay taxes that they do not understand, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Zambia has asked for increased tax awareness.

According to Chamber President LI TIE, the majority of Chinese businesses are aware of the tax regulations but do not want to break them.

He was speaking today in Lusaka at a meeting with the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

However, Mr. LI urged Chinese investors to pay taxes in compliance with the law and participate in the local community’s social and economic advancement.

In order to have a better understanding, he asked his members to feel free to talk with ZRA officers about any tax-related issues.

The Chamber is pleased that the tax authority is able and willing to advise its members on how to fulfill their tax obligations through engagements, Mr. LI continued.


ZRA Commissioner General Dingani Bana stated that the meeting’s goal is to explain the current tax amnesty in order to ensure that all parties involved get their financial records and tax liabilities in order.

According to Mr. BANDA, the purpose of the conference is also to inform the Chinese business sector about the Authority’s operations, expectations, and issues related to tax requirements.

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