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Chishala Kateka applauds Government’s efforts to help Malawi

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has received accolades from the New Heritage Party for donating food aid and other humanitarian supplies to Cyclone-affected Malawi.

Party President CHISHALA KATEKA praises the government’s efforts through the DMMU, noting that Malawi cannot handle the Cyclone Freddy crisis on its own.

According to Ms. KATEKA, President HICHILEMA’s actions demonstrate that the nation helps others despite facing its own difficulties.

Ms. KATEKA continues by stating that it is well known that Malawi and Mozambique lack the resources necessary to combat such a tragedy and are in need of assistance.

Ms. KATEKA stresses in a video statement made available to ZNBC News that it is crucial for industrialized countries that are accountable for the effects of climate change to lead the help to the impacted countries.

Yesterday, the government sent Malawi food and non-food goods valued over $1 million US.

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