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Katotobwe Requests Assistance With Democracy Summit

According to the Center for Policy Dialogue, Zambia’s decision to co-host the second Summit for Democracy, scheduled for March 29 and 30, 2023, is evidence of the nation’s strong commitment to democracy.

While urging Zanbians to recognize the importance of co-hosting the event, Executive Director CAROLINE KATOTOBWE said it should not be taken lightly.
According to Ms. KATOTOBWE, Zambia has effectively changed governments since 1991 in a peaceful manner free of anarchy and violence.

Ms. KATOTOBWE said in a statement provided to ZNBC News in Lusaka that the nation is a shining example of how democracy generates a climate that encourages coexistence built on shared respect for people’s liberties and human rights.

She has, however, advised Zambians to take heed of what the US has shown them, warning that if democracy is not carefully safeguarded, it may be easily challenged, as was evident on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, during the US insurgency.

According to Ms. KATOTOBWE, this year’s summit, which will be held under the theme “a review of the Year of Action,” which was also the theme of the inaugural summit held on December 9, 2020, will highlight the accomplishments of participating nations in relation to their commitments made during the “Year of Action” and address contemporary democratic challenges.



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