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Chisumpa’s Abductor Changing Plea

PAMELA CHISUMPA and 12 other people are allegedly being kidnapped, and one of the accused, JAMES BWALYA, has changed his plea to one of evading lawful custody.

BWALYA, who had previously entered a guilty plea in the case before Lusaka Magistrate KEEGAN LITIYA, has entered a not-guilty plea today.

BWALYA was charged in this case, which was up for sentencing, along with Henry Phiri and Christopher Nchenge, who were each given a 12-month prison term.

The accused escaped from Mwembeshi jail on February 26, 2023, about 23 hours after the facility had a power outage, according to the evidence in front of the court.

However, BWALYA has denied leaving Mwembeshi Prison, where he was being detained until the outcome of the kidnapping case.

He changed his plea from guilty to not guilty by stating to the Lusaka Magistrate Court that he did not recall trying to escape from jail.

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