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Nkandu Suggests A Plan To Raised Athletic Standards

Elvis Nkandu, the minister of youth, sport, and the arts, has advocated for policies and initiatives to raise the bar for athletic competition in Africa.

According to NKANDU, the decisions taken by persons chosen and appointed to hold various decision-making positions will determine how athletics develops in the future.

In Lusaka, Zambia, the Minister spoke as he began the two-day Confederation of African Athletics-CAA Elective Congress.

The Confederation of African Athletics Junior championship, which will take place in Ndola from April 28 to May 3, 2023, will be preceded by the elected congress.

In the meantime, NKANDU has urged Zambian competitors in the next Athletics Championship to give it their all and win gold.

Additionally, ELIAS MPONDELA, the president of Zambian Athletics, hailed the government for its assistance in organizing the upcoming junior athletics championship.

The President of the Confederation of African Athletics, AHMED KALKABA, expressed his delight that the Zambian Government and Local Organizing Committee had persevered and shown resolve to organize the Championship despite certain difficulties.

Sébastian Coe, president of the World Athletics Federation, also spoke at the same gathering and cautioned individuals vying for positions on the Confederation of African Athletics executive NOT to do so out of self-interest.

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