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Churchgoers protest accusation of adultery against UCZ reverend

A UNITED Church of Zambia (UCZ) Pastor in Luanshya is at odds with his flock, who claim that his adulterous conduct violates church theology.

The congregation of St. Luke’s in Mikomfwa is requesting that Reverend Wesley Kangwa be replaced because they believe he is dividing the flock.

Members who on Sunday boycotted church services in protest against their shepherd have made a number of serious claims against Rev. Kangwa.

He is accused of engaging in extramarital affairs, advocating idol worship, and other unbiblical behaviors.

“People are protesting not because they hate the reverend, but because he is not living according to the expectations of the church. He is supposed to be a builder and not a destroyer. Since he came, he has done a lot of damage to the church,” a church congregant said.

Another member said “He should just leave us in peace. Can you imagine he has even gone to an extent of placing his portrait in church so that we can worship it as if he is Jesus. That is nonsense. He has failed this church just like he has failed to maintain his house. His wife has left because he continues to have girlfriends. He is not a good man. He must leave us,” a church member lamented.

However, Rev Kangwa refused to be drawn into the bickering.

“I cannot comment as I am not in a position to. You can talk to the same people that are accusing me. However, just be careful this time around there is what we call cyberbullying and so be careful in what sort of stories you create,” he said.

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