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Confiscated: Thousands and thousands of Mealie Meal Bags

Around 7,000 bags of mealie meal that were allegedly stored in a garage in Ndola have been seized by a squad of security wing officials.

The suspected destination of the luggage in question is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Moreover, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has joined the effort to stop mealie meal smuggling.

In order to forfeit the mealie meal and the trucks to the state, according to ACC Director General TOM SHAMAKAMBA, the Commission has issued a restriction notice on the garage where it was discovered.

In order to also forfeit the vehicles to the state, Mr. SHAMAKAMBA claims that the other restriction notice has been issued on more than forty trucks that were carrying mealie meal unlawfully for export.

He made this statement while touring a garage where over 7,000 bags of mealie meal were purportedly hidden in preparation for export to the DRC.

The Commission will now enhance its presence on borders in the provinces of North Western and Muchinga, according to Mr. SHAMAKAMBA.

Five individuals have been detained, according to Copperbelt Police Commissioner PEACEWELL MWEEMBA, in connection with the bags of mealie meal that were discovered in the garage.

According to Mr. MWEEMBA, preliminary investigations have revealed that the suspects lacked the necessary authorization to export mealie meal to the DRC.

He has issued a warning to individuals who are involved in mealie meal smuggling, saying that the police will not stop searching for them.

Also, Copperbelt Permanent Secretary AUGUSTINE KASONGO reported that the government had revoked the licenses of the merchants who were permitted to bring Mealie Meal to the borders of Kasumbalesa and Mukambo for domestic consumption.

According to Mr. KASONGO, the cancellation took effect yesterday.

According to him, the plan was to enable people to purchase mealie meal at their doorsteps rather than at Chililabombwe town.

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