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Controlling officers instructed to account for public funds

Government controllers have been advised to make sure that there is accountability in the disbursement and administration of public monies by Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee Chair WARREN MWAMBAZI.

As the government begins executing the 2023 budget, Mr. MWAMBAZI claims it is the duty of controlling officers to make sure funds are sent to the proper projects.

According to him, the quantity of questions in the most recent Auditor General report is proof that controllers are not abiding by the rules set forth in the Public Procurement and Public Finance Act.

According to Mr. MWAMBAZI, the two acts can assist Permanent Secretaries nationwide in making sure that progress is spread throughout the entire nation.

According to him, PAC would make sure that public resources used to advance and raise peoples’ living standards are managed in a way that is credible.

In an interview with ZNBC news in Ndola, Mr. MWAMBAZI, who is also a BWANA MKUMBWA Member of Parliament, said this.

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