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Bank of Kariba North Lowest Ever Water Levels

The country’s hydropower production is in grave danger as a result of the lowest water levels at the Kariba North Bank that have ever been recorded.

According to WESLEY LWIINDI, director of power generation for ZESCO, the water levels have decreased from 4 hundred and 78 point 38 meters above sea level last year to as low as 4 hundred and 75 point 62 meters this year.

If the water levels keep falling, according to Mr. LWIINDI, the situation poses a serious threat to the production of electricity.

He claims that if the current low water levels in its reservoirs continue, ZESCO runs the risk of switching from load management to intensified load shedding.

Just before giving a tour of the Kariba North Bank Power Station in Siavonga, Mr. LWIINDI spoke to the media.

The only hope, according to him, is for the rainfall patterns to get better.

Mr. LWIINDI also urged electricity users to use less energy so that more water may be set aside for future generation when the water levels start to rise.

According to CEPHAS MUSEBA, manager of ZESCO Kariba North Bank Power Station, up to four of the power plant’s six installed turbines are currently in operation.

But he added that at peak hours, the station had five machines running.

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