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Costs of Load Management Increase For Small Businesses

Due to increased load shedding, a clear beer manufacturing company in Lusaka has seen a five-fold increase in daily energy expenses.

Instead of spending 1,200 Kwacha per day on electricity during times of normal supply, Wildog Beer now spends 6,000 Kwacha per day on diesel to power its generator.

LELTEN TIEMAMANN, chief executive officer of the company, claims that the cost of utilizing diesel has increased.

He claims that occasionally the business chooses to stop packing or production when the load is shedded but only uses diesel while brewing is actually taking place.

However, Mr. TIEMAMANN says that the causes of load shedding are widely known because the Kariba dam’s water levels are low, but he hopes the situation quickly gets better.

Additionally, load shedding, according to Wildog Assistant Brewer IMRAN BHIKA, will reduce expected profits for the business.

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