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Kaputa Council buys rice hammer mills for processing rice.

To increase revenue for the local authority, Kaputa Town Council purchased two hammer mills for the processing of rice.

The two hammer meals are now in operation, according to Kaputa Town Council Chair KENNEDY CHOLA, and they help to add value to the area’s strong rice production.

Using the border with the DRC as a market source, he claims, the local government would take advantage of it.

According to Mr. Chola, the Council also plans to purchase a luxurious bus to take people to the Copperbelt. He also notes that locals have had trouble getting to other towns in recent years.
The authority, according to Mr. Chola, had fallen behind in previous years but now needs to catch up in terms of revenue production.

He claims that the Council will purchase the bus in part using the K1.5 million Equalization Fund.

In a Kaputa interview with ZNBC, Mr. CHOLA was speaking.

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