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Isoka is being monitored because of livestock diseases

In an effort to curb the spread of cattle diseases in the Isoka District of Muchinga Province, the Department of Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock has set up checkpoints.

Recent cases of probable African swine disease and canine rabies have both been reported in Isoka.

According to PAUL MULOPA, the Isoka District Veterinary Officer, livestock officers have increased mobile checkpoints in each of the 6 veterinary camps.

The checkpoints, according to Dr. MULOPA, will help livestock farmers become more aware of the proper protocol to follow when transporting cattle.

According to him, the action will also assist prevent the spread of cattle diseases and deter the unlawful transportation of animals, according to the National Agriculture Information Services.

Livestock farmers have been urged by Dr. MULOPA to exercise caution and report any suspicious animal movements or sick animals to the veterinary clinic.

Additionally, ELIAS SINKAMBA, a farmer at the Kampumbu Vet Camp, claimed that the checkpoints will help protect the neighborhood’s livestock from contact with sick ones.

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