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Court orders woman to pay back ex-lover the money he spent on her as compensation

A court has ordered a woman who broke her former lover’s heart to pay back the money he had spent on her as compensation.

The woman was ordered to pay her former fiancé more than USh10 million ($2,700) as compensation for the breach of a promise to marry him by a Ugandan Court.

This was after the court heard that Richard Tumwine had financially supported his now ex-lover Fortunate Kyarikunda.

According to official court documents, Fortunate Kyarikunda and Richard Tumwine, both teachers, began dating in 2015.

In 2018, the two lovebirds entered a promise to marry agreement.

Believing that they would marry soon, Tumwine financially supported Kyarikunda- including sponsoring her for a diploma in law at the Law Development Center (LDC), where he spent more than Shs9.4 million ($2,500).

However, after she was done with her diploma in law, Kyarikunda had a change of heart and dumped Tumwine.

A heartbroken Tumwine then sued his ex-lover at the Kanugu Magistrate’s Court for breaking his heart by breaching the promise to marry.

After hearing the case, Kanungu Grade One Magistrate Asanasio Mukobi ruled in favour of the jilted man.

The magistrate ruled that Tumwine is entitled to reimbursement for the USh9.4 million he spent on Kyarikunda because she broke her pledge to get married.

The magistrate also ordered that Kyarikunda pay Tumwine USh1 million ($271) in general damages for the inconveniences and psychological pain he suffered when he was dumped.

The magistrate further ordered Kyarikunda to pay the legal costs incurred by Tumwine in prosecuting his case.

Ruling on Kyarikunda’s claim that she broke the agreement to marry because her parents stated that their daughter should not get married to an older man, the magistrate said,

“This is equally unreasonable, a misrepresentation and a fraud. In any case, the defendant had all the opportunity to reject the plaintiff’s love requests at the earliest point possible and avoid interfering with his financial obligations.”

“The defendant (Kyarikunda) suggested that it takes place in February 2022, and the said date passed despite the plaintiff’s preparations for the introduction. The excuse the defendant gave was that she could not get married to an old man, the plaintiff, as if she did not see young men during their over four years [of] courtship,” per The Monitor.

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