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Cyclist killed in Chongwe area after being struck by car

A 34-year-old cyclist was killed when he was struck by a car as he crossed the street.

Around 1:30 pm yesterday, Poniso Mandela perished while bicycling along Great East Road in the Chongwe neighborhood, directly across from Chalimbana University.

Godfrey Chilabi, an assistant police public relations officer, claimed that Jimmy Nkhoma, 47, of Chilenje South, who was operating a motor vehicle with the registration number AOB 2860, was also involved.

According to preliminary investigations, the accident occurred when the cyclist in question was cycling across the road and was struck by an approaching car as a result.

When the victim arrived at the Chongwe District Hospital, the hospital staff immediately declared him dead due to his deadly injuries.

According to Mr. Chilabi, the deceased’s body has since been placed in the mortuary of the Chongwe District Hospital in anticipation of the postmortem.

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