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After attacking a 40-year-old Chirundu man, Man-eating crocodile killed

A crocodile attacked a 40-year-old guy when he was fishing in the Chirundu area, and the man died as a result.

When the crocodile crashed into Richard Mwale’s canoe, it overturned, and as he tried to swim to safety, it attacked and killed him.

According to Godfrey Chilabi, an assistant public relations officer for the Zambian police, the incident happened yesterday at or around 4:00 a.m. in the Jordan Kapululita fishing region of the Zambezi river.

“Police received a report from Jackson Mwewa aged 39 of Chibaketi township in Chirundu District who reported that his nephew namely Richard Mwape of the same village had been attacked and killed by crocodile. Preliminary investigations indicate that whilst fishing, the deceased was attacked after the crocodile hit into the dug out canoe which later capsized. In the process he was caught by a crocodile while his uncle managed to swim to safety,” he said.

He said that a team constituting of officers from the Zambia Police Service and the Department of Wildlife and National Parks conducted a search excercise.

“Later in the afternoon around 17:00hours,some human body parts were found and identified by relatives as that of the deceased person. Around the same vicinity, a crocodile was spotted with the deceased’s leg in its mouth and it was killed. The main body is still missing while the recovered parts have been deposited in Mtendere Mission Hospital in Chirundu,” he said.

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